The Pizza Hut Pizza Recipe

Copying the Pizza Hut pizza recipe can be distilled into copying two vital recipes: the Pizza Hut sauce recipe, and the Pizza Hut dough recipe. The other components of a Pizza Hut pizza are easily replicated; i.e., the cheese and the toppings. As a result, learning a few basics will enable a good pizza chef the great talent of making Pizza Hut’s pizza right from their own home. Nothing really can be better than fresh, homemade pizza. As expert chef Bev Collins always says, the best pizza is made fresh from your own kitchen! Collins writes:

The best pizza comes from your own home oven. Yes! First it’s incredibly hot and crisp when it is only a few feet from oven to table, and second you can put on all the cheese and toppings you want because tonight you’re not responsible for the pizzeria’s bottom line.

Pizza Hut Dough Recipe

The secret behind Pizza Hut’s crust is, as you probably can guess, the dough. A good pizza dough is prized by many as the quintessential element of great pizza. Mess up the dough, and a pizza’s quality will be degraded. Conversely, a well-made pizza dough will positively impact the entire pizza, make it quite difficult to damage with mistakes in the other elements.

Copying the Pizza Hut recipe is critically dependent upon copying Pizza Hut’s dough recipe. Learning a little about Pizza Doug is not essential, but can allay problems a novice chef may overlook. Although dough is not complex, one element does carry a few subtleties the others lack; that’s right, the flour.

Flour can vary greatly depending upon the type you buy. Nearly all flours are various amalgamations of winter wheat and spring wheat. The harder winter wheat has more gluten (i.e. wheat protein) and is well suited for durable, tough dough. Conversely, the softer spring wheat has less gluten and is aptly suited for softer doughs and confectionaries; e.g., cake flour. As a result, each type of flour will yield a markedly different curst.

So how can the right type of flour be determined, learning from the professionals is perhaps the best way. The mode of baking, the type of pizza, and other variables must be taken into account when choosing flour. Ascertaining the proper type of flour for your dough is perhaps the most critical part of pizza making. The right flour will give your pizza the correct strength, texture, and flavor; ensuring you start off your culinary foray into pizza making on the right foot!

Pizza Hut Sauce Recipe

The Pizza Hut Sauce recipe is an easy, fun recipe you can do right from home. Although not as difficult or important as the dough, Pizza Hut’s sauce is responsible for a good amount of the actual flavor of Pizza Hut’s pizza.

Although it may seem hard, a great sauce is easy to make at your own home. A homemade pizza sauce and can easily trump the taste and nutritional value of commercial pizza sauces. Additionally, homemade pizza sauce can be readily customized to suit your needs. Commercial pizza sauces are already inoculated with sodium, spices, and other ingredients; limiting your capacity for culinary creativity.

Knowing how to copy the Pizza Hut sauce recipe can is important for replicating other Pizza Hut recipes. Pizza Hut’s pasta and other items all probably use the same, or at least highly comparable, sauce. This strategy is extremely wise as a menu expansion enables a pizza chain to cater to more than just pizza lovers without significantly increasing costs. Case in point, Domino’s Pizza holds employee competitions for making new menu items using existing ingredients (sauce, toppings, cheese, etc.).

Pizza Hut Toppings & Cheese

Exact analogs of Pizza Hut’s cheese and toppings are perhaps superfluous as these items are homogeneous and require little or no preparation. Bell peppers from Domino’s and Papa John’s will probably taste similar to those from Pizza Hut.

Procuring cheeses, vegetables, and meats from a grocery store may even be better than what you find at Pizza Hut or any other pizza chain. Why? Because you can buy the absolute best ingredients! Conversely, restaurants are limited by their need to profit from their food; buying the most expensive ingredients could put a restaurant in the red quickly.

Supplier logistics and ingredient costs are not something the home chef has to be concerned with. Just another reason why copying the Pizza Hut recipe and making Pizza Hut pizza at home is a great idea.